Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 6 & 7

Sitting here early in morning trying to catch up a bit and revelling in my glass of lemon water - feel a bit blah after big bbq last night and 2 glasses of champagne - no headache but a bit itchy down below - maybe too much information but I gotta be real about it all.....

On Day 6 I had a great but tiring gym session and after a coffee first up, I was once again a bit late with breaky but eventually had some chilli scrambled eggs by mid-morning. TOok the kids to HJs as No 2 had a party there - dropped her off and let the kids have some nuggets and chips. I drank a whole bottle of water and picked at a couple of fries. I got home and defrosted some Indian lentil soup - mainly lentils, herbs and veges. Not so great but Ok with extra bean sprouts and radish sprouts on top. Popped out to the fruit and vege in the arvo with the kids to stock up on lots of fruit, green leafies, and some raddichio and parsnips for some nice ideas I have up my sleeve. Lots of samples out so the kids went a bit nuts. One of the shop guys complimented me on my lovely kids and even gave them stickers for being so good - a rare occurence that!

Felt really bummed in the arvo - and a bit teary. Sick of the stupid diet, sick of having to think about food all the time, sick of feeling sore, sick of feeling left out, sick of having to be careful, sick of having to go to soooo much effort. Had a sniff to the husband and we decided to go out for dinner - so I wouldn't have to cook and so I could "practice" finding good things on a menu. Ended up at a nice restaurant (was feeling very ratty with the kids too - so over all their whinging and No 2 was very tired after party allllllll afternoon, so pretty impatient and going a bit nuts around them) and kids all ordered pasta and I convinced Luke to get no bread for starters (as I know I would have guzzled it all) or a pizza (yumm.....too tempting) but that we share a prawn platter and a salad. He also got a grilled haloumi starter so we had a regular little feast. The salad was one of my faves - rocket, pear, herbed ricotta, super-crispy pancetta in a viniagrette. THe prawn platter (what an amazing idea) was prawns done 4 ways - fresh cooked prawns, prawns in cream sauce (I avoided), prawns in wanton wrappers (couldn't help myself) and sweet chilli prawns (and they were divine!) I know there would have been some sugar in some of these sauces but I reckoned I did well out of what could have turned into a potentially disastrous situation. Felt full and happy after and ready for a night with the girls.

Left the others to go home (and back to find our home broken into - but that's another whole drama - just thankful nothing ended up taken, just a completely shattered sliding door!) and drove all the way out to The Valley for games night. I had made a lovely platter of selected fruit and was so glad I brought something as there was nothing else for me to eat. And it was hard not to just try a few M & ms, or some mango ice cream (homemade), have a few cheezels, or a magnum iceblock! I mean hello, I don't know how I made it looking back now. I think in those situations Cherries seem to be the best snack because they feel more special and more interesting than just plain cut up fruit. Just drank water all night too altho there was my fave punch there too - sigh! But the whole aim of the night was not lost on me - and was proud of making it thru, and what's more - I had a blast!!! I prob just really needed to get out for a bit and relax. Home very late tho, and then was up half the night with scared kids and a baby who would not sleep in her cot.

Day 7 and was trembling and sick from lack of sleep. Everyone up at 5.30 and feeling terrible. Hubby cleaning up glass, kids watching some tv, so I went to have a little more lie-down but couldn't rest. In-laws over and so ended up making them breaky (bacon & eggs, coffee) before making some for me and hubby - good ole comfort food. Another coffee and then off to Chiro. I tend to find my back and neck are the biggest losers whenever I try to "better" my life - because the effects normally manifest in my dodgy spine. So will keep up fortnightly visits for a while as there is a lot of tightness and I had a fair bit of pain in my neck from an incident a couple of wks ago. She is also a great sounding board so it is wonderful therapy overall!

Went to lovely butcher and got 2 marinade butterfly chickens for bbq that night and some lamb racks for in a few days. Few more groceries and fresh bread for the others and home. SOooooo hot and didn't feel like eating so fed kids, and had a lie down - slept a bit on & off, kids had great nap. Glass door replaced meanwhile and was a bit noisy - also 2 police visitations - forensics, and then just normal cops to take down report. Got up and got busy preparing for friends' visit that evening. Chopped up a heap of veges to roast on bbq - fennel (my fave), roast caps, eggplant, asparagus and red onion wedges - left them to marinate in salt, olive oil and balsamic vinegar - completely forgetting that I shouldn't have vinegar (fermenting grapes - a no, no on candida) but boy they were awesome and I am really looking forward to the leftovers. Knew I had to have some lunch so had turkey, avo, cheese and salad on some corn flat bread - toasted in sandwich press, very nice.

For the nibblies I'd put out my hommous with cukes, snow peas, caps slices and provided natural corn chips to have with the mexican dip my friend had bought - refried beans, salsa, sour cream, grated cheese. Not so healthy but I wasn't breaking too many rules. Had also made 2 other salads - my own rocket, pear, parmesan, crispy bacon salad, and a coleslaw made out of 2 types of cabbage, carrot, capsicum, shallots, and light mayo dressing. It all was delicious but know I ate way too much - felt gluggy after and none of us could eat any dessert which was prob the best thing there - yummy fruit salad and rasp coulis! Well, at least I have a delish breaky waiting for me now!

I have been apprehensive that this busy weekend will lead to some bad "short cuts" - I know I should be paying more attention to ingredients in sauces and marinades but have just needed things to be easier not harder. I don't know, it may lead to a bit of a "thorn in my side" if I don't get more meticulous in the little things. Bit disappointed in how much I ate too - should be cutting down my portions and being thankful for more leftovers so I have options ready for the next day but I spose I just didn't have my brain switched on terribly well, and that could be mainly from the champagne - der! I did enjoy it but quite happy to now REST from alcohol and my treat will continue to be Appletiser - sparkling Apple juice with no added sugar.

And will chat more tomorrow, or today.......


  1. Good for you, Kath - it's been a bit of a minefield. I was pleased with my little dinner party on Friday night - I made lasagne with fried strips of zucchini instead of pasta, and a nice ricotta and egg sauce. For dessert I blitzed 2 ripe bananas, 6 ripe mango cheeks, 1 pkt marscapone and 2 heaped tbsps natural yoghurt for a velvetty mousse, no sweetner required. I decided to put it through the ice-cream maker and freeze it because it was such a hot day, and it was so good!! Also swirled some passionfruit through it before freezing. I am still teary and crabby, too, but hoping that it's all clearing out.

    To help de-toxify, besides the lemon water I am taking toxiemia, liver and renal sprays each day and exfoliating with the enjo body glove in the shower. Have been trying to put lots of fresh coriander into the salads and sprinkle on hot meals, too.

    Question: why did you avoid the prawn in cream sauce and go for the wantons? You could've still tried the creamy ones?

    Does the chiro recommend you drink extra water after treatments?

    I'll be interested to see what my scales say tomorrow at the gym; have you noticed any difference?

  2. Oiiiii!

    I wish I was trying as hard as you ladies are. I think I could have my whole own blog with regards to dieting and emotions (and a few other things). I will pray for you both - getting out bodies healthy is very rewarding and how God would have us. So hard to think of my body as a Temple of the Holy Spirit when it just disgusts me.

  3. Oh, Rob we all feel that way at different times! Can't tell you the amount of times I look at myself with such hatred. And it's hard to think that everyone else doesn't look at us the same way, but at least God doesn't! Look, its only been 1 wk for me and I don't know how long this "crusade" will last but I'm hoping for enough strength everyday to just make it through till the next day and so on. Tired now so will go to bed and blog tomorrow after gym. THanks for comments Vik - am happy to have some cream occasionally Vikki but because I am having high fat stuff other times (my raw vegan icecream - very delicious by the way) I am trying to avoid it where else I can. Seeing as my "fullness" guage is still haywire, I know I'm taking in too much stuff and don't want to overdo it on the rich things. Talk more tomorrow.

  4. I love my chiro...but find that his handywork is ruined if I don't look after my core muscles. Perhaps a gentle pilates or yoga class will help your back, figure and clear your mind. Nothing like a rush of exercise endorphines to help put things in perspective. We have been blessed with an amazing machine called the body...let's all strive to maintain it.

  5. My personal trainer is focusing on strengthening my core, back & neck and my Chiro can already see the difference. I see my PT 3 times a week and it has been really intense but great! Perfect start to the day. I find my mood swings are more related to food than exercise (not that I would give up the exercise for anything) - and I even notice it in my kids, esp with sugar! They'll be next!