Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 1

Oh, my glands are killing me. They've kept increasing in pain this arvo and am dreading going back to the dr for a whinge. The homeopath wanted some things checked anyway so I will ask for her to test me to see if I've had a reoccurence of Ross River Fever (had it about a yr ago) or if its Glandular Fever again - maybe more probable?

However, successful first day of eating well - scrambled egg and salad for breaky, leftover rissoles (organic beef mince, grated onion & carrot, 2 eggs, s & p, curry powder - smells heavenly when cooking) and salad for lunch, & dukkah crusted atlantic salmon with rocket, fetta & roasted sweet potato and beetroot salad for dinner. Wow, seems like a lot of salad - wonder how long it'll take me to get sick of it. However, tomorrow I'm gonna aim at having a fruit smoothee and maybe some soup instead of salad....... Have to keep reading to get more ideas. I think breaky will get hard too if I don't get some more ideas - non-grain granola???? Hmmm....will have to google.

Also made my sweet snack - I call 'em my "choc fudge balls". Basically chucked in a food processor 2 fist-fulls of organic dates, 1/2 cup of walnuts, 2 tbsp of raw cacao powder, 2 tsps of agave syrup - it becomes really sticky and then you roll the mix into balls and cover in coconut. Kept in the fridge they are like truffles - not as good as tim tams but they taste pretty darn good!

Tomorrow I will make my savoury snack - homemade hommous (yum, yum) flavoured with some beetroot or roasted capsicum - tastes so much better than shop-bought. And I will test it out on buckwheat crispbread I found in the health food section of Coles. (No grains - yet!)

Feeling very tired so will have to head for bed soon, gym in the morning with Georgina my PT, also a Fruitarian - now there is someone who looks super healthy! She is amazingly upbeat and always seem happy and content - no mood swings - need me to get some of dat! Night, night.

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