Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 4 & 5

Hmmmm....skipped a day but not because I was guilty of wrongdoing! These last 2 days I have been pretty tired and wonder if it's maybe the withdrawals setting in??? I'm sure the sunburn and busyness haven't helped either, it's almost back to school time and trying to get back into routines is killing me. Tonight I am literally immovable on the couch - exhausted. My plan has always been to do as much as possible in the morning when I feel great and then I can relax and nap and not do much in the arvo. However, today I was busy all morning, and all arvo and now it feels like I will melt into the ground. This also conincides with some sneezing and a bit of sniffling which is definately not normal.............. we'll see. My feet have been super-sensitive too, when my toes are knocked its like they have broken and my ankles are still very painful. I really am looking forward to when this eases.

Yest I took my carrot sticks and hommous to the beach as my morning tea while everyone else had their iceblocks - totally fine! Home to leftover curry for lunch with lots of green leafies. Made the kids spag bol for dinner but as Luke was out at an awesome meal, I wanted to treat myself and so followed a luscious bacon & eggs - not terribly healthy I know but at least not breaking any rules. Ran out of lemons too which was annoying as I have been enjoying my lemon waters. Went to Wrays (good plug) and stocked up on veges & bananas but wasn't game to buy the kale just yet. Still looking for some flours I can use - quinoa or buckwheat but not desperate yet.

(Just looking out at my family going crazy outside and sooo thankful to God for a husband who is so active in looking after his family. Wish I could join in but happy to watch from here for now.)

And to today - skipped breaky (another reason for tiredness?) and YES I KNOW - it was soooo stupid. Got waylaid and found myself rushing out the door with only a few carrot sticks under my belt - but was determined not to stuff just anything in my mouth because I was starving. After speech therapy with MR 3, I searched till I found a cafe that did a nice grilled chicken salad - delish with lots of avo. At home I followed this with a bowl of yoghurt topped with banana, blueberries (the organic ones at the moment just 'pop' in yr mouth & I don't care how expensive they are) and some granola. Picked at the kids popcorn later but waited till dinner - roasted chook legs, sweet pots, carrots and red onion, with another big salad on the side (with mango in it). So looking forward to dessert in a minute (trying to finish eating by 7 pm each night so I give my body a bit of a rest thru the rest of the night) because I am having ICE CREAM! Do not scream - it is Raw Vegan and made from cashew butter, agave syrup, cacoa powder etc. Will let you know the verdict tomorrow!

Found that today was the first day I was not prepared enough with my meals and snacks. Really need to stay on top of that if I don't want to fall. Just dreading how rushed it will all be once school starts back next week but need to rely on God's strength & wisdom, not my own. But always open to easy, healthy suggestions anyone has. Oh yes, I was gonna make some soups to have as standbys - I forgot that. And I think tomorrow night I will try an Indian lentil dish for something different. May not post tomorrow night as there's a girls' game night I'm going to - will be taking a big bowl of fruit salad & some raspberry coulis to drizzle on top (blended frozen raspberries, filtered water and agave syrup) and that will be my contribution to dessert!


  1. Okay, firstly the time on this blog is insane - is that the same clock as your pc?
    Now, the breakfast thing is hard. I have a post-it on my fridge that reads: Porridge and Paul's lunch. Those are the two things I absolutely have to do before I go to bed no matter how late it is. Our brekky, and the lunchbox have to be ready to go as soon as I get up or the day is CHAOS. Who would've thought a tiny post-it would have such power??

  2. Now, as for withdrawals, I've gotta tell ya, I've had some not nice days this week: Saturday I had pizza at the party, and wantons at Tracy's (also have had at least one sugary treat a day for the past month??). Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (your days 1, 2, & 3) I just dragged myself around completely exhausted; my body was screaming out for sugar, and I felt like every spore of candida in my body was supercharged and at the same time starving. I junked out (tried to have salty stuff but ended up having one serve of sugar all three days) and my fullness gauge wasn't working at all. Guess what?? My knees were aching (they're my weakest joint)! Wednesday (Day 4) I went to the gym and felt like I was going to hurl, all my limbs were as heavy as lead. But I got through the day without any sugar, and was not so exhausted. Still hungry, hungry, hungry. Today (Day 5) I got my fullness gauge back, thank goodness, and am eating normal portions again. Had reasonable energy today and not so negative. Hope your withdrawal doesn't take too long... I remember the first time I did the diet (as an adult) I broke out in every horrible symptom you can name - but that was with the candida sprays which no doubt exacerbated the situation. Keep blogging so we can bear you up. Blood results tomorrow?

  3. will ring Dr to see if blood tests have come back but may not get an apptment till next wk. Thanks for that info Vik - was really interesting to read. Isn't it amazing how readdictive sugar can be straight away and how dramatic the effects. I am still having a little sugar in my coffee but honestly haven't be craving it yet. I spose there is so much sweetness in the fruit, smoothees and fudge balls that they are satisfying that need. And if I have something straight after the end of the meal I don't seem to want it later on. That "fullness" guage is so true and I'm finding it hard yet to listen to it. I will know I'm full but seem to still stuff more in because I'm so terrified of being hungry later and grabbing whatever I find. I am having a last hurrah of champagne on sat night (and I am very interested in what effect it has on me the next day) and then I am sure I will continue to follow thru on the Candida - that has just fit hand in glove with what I've been doing anyway and I've avoided grapes, mushrooms quite easily (even tho Georgie keeps telling me how nice the organic grapes are at the moment - rat!)