Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Week 2

Well, it looks like I am down 1.5kgs as I get into the 2nd wk! Am very sceptical of the first few kgs that come off as if it happens too fast I am always worried that it will creep back on even faster. Actually I haven't explained the title of my blog so far, but you may have already guessed it. This is the closest I've ever been to hitting triple figures in my weight and whereas, thankfully, I've never made it there yet, I really feel like if I didn't follow thru on this it wouldn't be long till I hit 100 and over. May it never be!!!! I do look at my sister and see how she has consistently lost weight over a couple of years and that is big inspiration. This cannot be a short term thing, I know, so I must adjust my thinking to a "rest of my life" solution rather than thinking of this as quick fix diet (not that I was, but the temptation is still there to look forward to when it's over....).

So, symptoms have been interesting. I noticed a few nights ago my mouth was filled with ulcers, which seem to be settling down now. Also have a few more pimples which could be from the detox but also from change of facial cleanser. My ankles are still agonizing first thing in the morning, its murder coming downstairs for the first time in the morning. My temper flares are still only occasional but I think my attitude is a lot more upbeat and active at the start of the day. I want to get out and do things, I don't want to sit round like a lump and do nothing (well I do today seeing as it has been such a busy last 3 days), I'm happy to do stuff with the kids. I know I have way more energy in the mornings so the gym is easy to get to 3 mornings a week. I am actually looking forward to when it starts getting cooller and I can start back walking the kids to school again. I still wilt by arvo, but am hoping with the eldest 2 back at school today, I will be able to get a quick kip in the arvo before I face the onslaught of the after-school craziness - arvo tea, homework, extra-curricular activities, tea-making etc. I will have the b-sitter only 2 arvos a wk this year so will have to be well organised and get meals ready night before or in morning. There's no better set-up for a fall from grace than a tired, grumpy mother who is flat out of ideas and is too tired to make any effort!

Enough blathering! We had masses of visitors over the weekend and public holiday but have found it not all hard going. It has been a real blessing to have had fruit salad in the fridge most days as that makes breaky so quick and easy - fruit salad, a couple of dollops of yoghurt (Jalna low fat, sugar free, vanilla) and granola sprinkled on top - it really is quite filling and very refreshing. (Of course there is always coffee as well!)

One night we had Thai take-away with friends - I had enough leftovers from a bbq that I could've very well eaten from that but I NEEDED some thai! Was fine not having the rice and actually ate bean sprouts with all the dishes - chicken & cashews, penang curry & garlic prawns. THere is essentially not much wrong with the dishes but for all the OIL........*shudder* and I know there will be sugar in most of the sauces too - that seems to be the hardest for me to 1) check and 2) avoid. Could not believe I didn't touch the spring rolls & curry puffs. Needless to say, my body rebelled a bit later - ick. While over, a friend of mine, introduced me to Calorie King, saying that was what really helped him keep track of what he was eating and calories he was consuming and burning. Seems to be a great idea but seeing as the weight is only part of my issue, it seems to be way too much trouble to log in your meals (esp as mine are far from "normal" at times) all day, everyday. I know it works for my other sister too but still not convinced of its' effectiveness in this case.

Have noticed that a big lunch does take me thru to a light tea which is much better for the digestion. On Aus Day I didn't have hardly any nibblies (other than my devils on horseback - prunes wrapped in bacon - so yum!) but had a nice lunch of sweet potato and potato bake (half cream, half milk for sauce), big green salad, 2 bbq lamb cutlets, and coleslaw. Tried some of Sister's sugar-free icecreams for dessert and my fave was the mango (made with mascarpone cream), her fave was the s'berry & lychee, and I don't think the b'berry and choc was very chocolatey. I personally would have added a tiny bit of agave to make it that little bit sweeter! Also tried Vik's sugar-free brownie (had a bit of honey in it, but mainly dates) and to me it tasted just like a date cake - it is amazing how cake-like the consistency is! I have my own recipe to try but would still be interested to compare them at some stage. For dinner that evening I had a small plate of scrambled egg on greens - spinach & beetroot leaves.

I am enjoying getting back an appreciation for dried fruits and how sweet they are - my favourite is the sundried organic raisins. They are so juicy and sweet and I have converted most of my kids with them. I am looking forward to trying my choc fudge balls with the raisins instead of dates. I am trying to pack a little zip lock bag with raisins, apricots, toasted almonds and walnuts to take with me each day - its always surprising when the snack attack hits you! The almonds are a great source of calcium (which I need) and the toasting is important to kill off any fungies on outside (part of candida).

Also starting to substitute sugar in coffee with coconut palm sugar - much lower GI so a little bit better than most. Will have to start carrying round a little pkt with me too for coffees out. So much for cutting down coffees! I had 3 today but they are such a filling treat for me that I seem to need more than 2. Hmmmm..... will have to work on it more a bit later on.

Oh, and I did recieve my blood tests back (finally) and it didn't show up any reoccurrences of Ross River or Glandular Fevers! And thank goodness the Antibodies test was also negative - will now wait for the Homeopath's interpretation of results....

Well, off to have some dinner now. Have just cooked some chicken breast coated in tandoori paste and natural yoghurt to have with some salad and enough leftover for tomorrow too. Really, really need to stock up on fruit and veg again too - it's neverending now that school is back. Had a headache this arvo but first one for a while and am quite surprised at that. More to do with stress of being back to school routine I think. Till next I write...........


  1. Oh no, Vik. I am devastated (stupid but devastated).............

  2. I didn't lose any weight this week, but my energy levels have been much better. Even though it is hotter this week I seem to be more active and less defeated by circumstances. Like the sound of your breakfast... I'm too lazy to cut all that fruit up - but am trying to be bothered to put one serve of fruit on the porridge - it is a great start to the day, and my legs still feel like lead weights in step class!

  3. *sigh* from me, but WELL DONE to you Kathie for losing a bit. I know once I got to 4kg weight loss I knew I was on to a good thing. :)

    You CAN do it! xx