Friday, January 29, 2010

Week 2 Pt 2

Hmmm....another kilo down (2.5kgs in total). And I really don't feel like I'm losing out at all! I spose it will be harder on the weekend going to a birthday party and having all that stuff in front of me, because I don't have it here, so I don't get tempted. I've "offered" to contribute something for the party so I know that there will be something for me to eat - will take either mexican dip (layers of diced tomatoes, mashed avos, refried beans, grated cheese and sour cream on top) or some fruit kebabs. I have been out and about the last 2 days but have set in my mind what to look for to eat, and usually don't have too many troubles. Yest for lunch I once again had a citrus chicken salad at The Coffee CLub - just beautiful! But was surpised at how jealous of Bailey's ham and cheese on white bread sandwich I was - looked so fresh and delish....... So I ate fast to be filled up and made sure I did not touch his leftovers. Was happy to snack on a big piece of celery filled with sugar-free peanut butter for arvo tea - would have been even better sprinkled with raisins - humph!

Last night the kids had begged for tacos which was actually a great meal idea. I cooked the mince with tinned tomatoes and tomato paste and added sauteed onion, celery & parsley. I cut/grated/cubed lots of veges - toms, cukes, carrot, lettuce, avos, and had tinned pineapple and grated cheese. The taco shells were gluten free so I had one but only to dip into the big pile of salad I had on my plate (some meat on the bottom). Was very tasty and filled me up so did not have seconds. Did get peckish later tho as we'd had an early dinner and so had 2 choc fudge balls (they're nearly all gone...:(....) with a cuppa tea.

And this morning I attempted some Kale! Went with my sister's idea and sauteed garlic in some olive oil before adding shredded kale and letting it wilt a bit. I knew I prob still wouldn't enjoy it so then added a tin of sugar-free baked beans on top. Added a touch of agave syrup and salt and topped it all with a little grated cheese and carrot. Was surprisingly good, and very filling for a breaky. Will prob need a smoothee later on. So one taste test down!

Just desparately craving pizza tonight. Being Friday night and all, I'm wishing for an easy treat. Usually I would have my fave spelt pizza bases but this no grain thing's a bit of a killer. Wondering if I could attempt it on my corn wraps? The kids have their own mini pizza bases so it wouldn't be too strange for them.... Am I cheating???

I have felt really upbeat the last couple of days with the weight loss - and am still really enjoying the gym. Wanted to stay in bed this morning and listen to the rain, but got up and at it and my legs got a total thrashing - prob won't be able to walk much tomorrow! My trainer is commenting when she sees me that she can see a difference. And I don't think that it is so much to do with my body (altho I can already see certain changes - from the gym, not the food......yet) but in my attitude and energy. I am so much more positive and I actually do enjoy going so much more now - I do believe that it's made a tremendous difference. And I think changing my eating habits is now fueling my body better so that I can work that bit more effectively and still keep my energy levels up the rest of the day.

I still need to work on my inner peace tho. All this stuff is great but if my heart and life are not right with God and in line with His Word, it will all be in vain and very superficial. I know God desires the best for our bodies and minds and I am glad I am now honouring that. My body is the temple of His Holy Spirit, so nothing is too good for Him in that regard! But I do not want to let all this calculating, improvements, food 'obsessions' etc take away from what should be the most important thing of all - living my life for God, and giving Him the control to make my life even more meaningful and important to those around me, esp my family. He had blessed me with so much and is giving me such strength at this time - and so I praise Him.


  1. Sometimes white bread really tempts, me, too. The tacos were a good idea - you can also put your taco ingredients into a cos lettuce leaf, or iceberg. Tastes so good with sour cream. Glad you had your kale at last. I put one lot of kale into my Thai curry, but it was really tough, must've been a different variety (it had reddy leaves). One pizza on a corn wrap is not going to defeat the whole diet! Was very stiff after tricep push-ups at the end of step class on Wednesday. Also managed to not eat one thing at the wedding afternoon tea yesterday - didn't feel hungry.... but did have some left-over fish in batter for tea.... and a glass or so of wine... Ready for the next week!!

  2. Loved singing these words in church this morning (from New Song in my Heart) 'Put a new thought in my mind, help me leave the past behind, and break these chains, that I might live again... Lift my fallen face, and help me to stand, flood me with the grace that comes from Your hand, cleanse me from my sin, Lord forgive me again, that I might be Yours alone.'

  3. I hate making the kids' sanwiches each day - just the smell from opening the pkt drives me crazy.....Yes, lettuce leaves are an amazing stand-in aren't they - reminds me that I was going to try san choy bow one night with quinoa in the mince rather than rice. I had my little burger in between cos leaves last night - yummy and v crisp! And yes, forgot the sour cream, had natural yoghurt but it tasted gross. And I did really, really enjoy those pizzas!

    Yes, good words in that song!