Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wk 2 part 3

Well, its now the end of Wk 2 - thank you God for getting me this far!

Hmmm.... a few notes to take care of first - scalp is esp itchy and flaky, fingers and ankles very sore this morning. Wondering if the disturbed sleep at night is setting off my joint pain a bit more - have been waking at around 4.30 am each day but mainly because the bubba has been. Amazingly enough I haven't felt like I desp missed the sleep tho. Have actually stayed up to go to gym on those mornings - still need to get to bed at a respectable time at night to not crack it tho.

Big day of temptation but am so grateful I made it through without feeling deprived at all - its almost becoming mechanic in planning what I will eat and the preparation is really paying off. Huge bowl of fruit with some yoghurt and granola on top for breaky. So full, I did not need anything till lunch. Was out, and while everyone was eating fresh sangers, saus rolls and hot chips, I had brought along a nice little salad with some of my tandoori chicken sliced on top. Nice. At the bday party in the arvo I was sooooo relieved I brought along the fruit kebabs as there was nothing else I could eat (other than potato crisps) so I happily snacked on 4 or 5 of those. They served an early bbq dinner and really enjoyed the chicken kebabs (no marinade), a sausage and 2 lovely vege kebabs (altho discovered that there was some red wine vinegar in the marinade). Thought I'd be hungry when I got home (was planning a boiled egg) but have sufficed with a cuppa tea. I am really thrilled that I have made it through another week but I do realise that I have been extremely blessed to have been able to monitor things so well from home - if I'd been out more or over at people's places I think I would have had a lot more difficulty. I think its really important to be fairly sheltered the first few weeks while you're establishing the good habits, if it's too hard to do, it would be too much of struggle to keep going.

I am getting a bit forgetful with the bifidus powder every morning and with the sprays - need to keep working on that habit. And that's about it........can't wait for Week 3!!!


  1. Keep up the good work, girl!! I wonder if the bifidus would be just as well sprinkled in the yoghurt on your breaky, or in your smoothie if you can't take it in water? Am hoping to organise a session with the Bowen Therapist to help detox this week. You surely sound more optimistic this week!... Will you be starting a Bible Study/Home group soon? My church Growth Group starts next week, and BSF the following week, so I'm still not at maximum busyness.

  2. We are waiting a couple of weeks to settle into school before starting up bible study again - it looks like it will only run fortnightly at the moment as everyone seems even busier this term.