Monday, March 29, 2010

Wk 10 end

Well, it was Thai takeaway on Friday night and we tried out a new restaurant (highly acclaimed) just up on the Hwy near us. Oh man, it was AWESOME! Had a very delightful green chicken curry and a basil & chilli chicken stirfry. Did not regret a minute of that deliciousness. And felt OK afterwards too.

I had finally made it to the drs on Fri arvo too (to check my ankles) and I've been booked in to have an ultrasound and xray done on both, in 2 wks. The Dr tends to think its my achilles tendon and thinks there may be some calcifaction which may need a cortisone shot, depending on the extent. Will wait and see what it is for definite but thankfully there is no need to adjust my activity. Don't know what I'd do without the gym now! Had a great cardio session on Fri which is def my favourite day of the week. I'm really getting into the boxing, kicking and kneeing and it kills my abs, legs and shoulders but gives you such a rush. I love it whenever the PT remembers more of her Muay Thai to teach me. Don't take me on in a dark alley as I will kick your butt! (as if..........)

Was also chuffed at how much the doc praised all my progress - told her all about my diet changes and she was very supportive. She also signed my daughter's immunisation conscientious objection form without blinking an eyelid - its nice to find (I hope) someone a little more sympathetic than the usual aloof and obnoxious GP.

On Saturday I finally found some sugar-free, wholemeal & spelt hot cross buns at Mrs Flannerys that I could take home in good-conscious for the kids to have (yes, I snuck a half - but that was my lunch.........?) and they were not like massive rocks but almost as light as normal ones. And easily sweet enough with the dried fruit. The kids all had their lunch before we headed off to Brissy for a party. Had hardly eaten all day so hoped there was an OK selection to choose from. It was so nice to have a little break from the kids for awhile and relax and enjoy some good adult conversation. Confession 1: Yes, I had a glass and 1/2 of champagne - and yes, it was very enjoyable but I did have the runs a bit afterwards. But, I was surprised at how little it impacted me, it wasn't some awesome homecoming. However, I still don't really want to get back on the booze wagon as I really am not missing it and can do without all the candida impact as well as the calories.

So back to the food. I nibbled happily on a few bits of apple and cheese, steered clear of the sushi, but consumed a couple of rice paper rolls, had a chicken satay stick with some yoghurt dip, and then ended up (once again) chewing on some ciabatta bread (toasted tho). Was surprised at how much that grazing filled me up for the rest of the day. Confession 2: I also had 3 coffees in total that day. :-( Definately seems I am a social coffee drinker!

Back home and thought I would finish the day off with a nice salmon salad but no, ended up nibbling on kids' garlic pizza, and after hubby had gone to footy, finished off the last mouthful of Thai - hmmmmmmm....... once the resolve is weakened, the resolve is definately WEAKENED.

However, this is not a tale of doom and gloom, because Sunday was a marvellous triumph in not letting things snowball. I happily munched on bananas & pineapple in the morning when hungry, which was a little difficult as I was on sunday school at church. When I got home I was soooooo tired and starving so finally enjoyed that salad with the little leftover salmon, a whole avo, some fresh rocket from the org mkts that morning, slivers of red capsicum, crumbled fetta and a little olive oil & lemon juice. Yum, and very filling.

Had a treat in the arvo - a lovely pedicure where I actively consumed my water and planned dinner. Relished a coffee with my hubby in the arvo and felt really peppy as he'd got the house nice & clean which motivated me to keep on with the ironing and getting into the prep for our upcoming trip. Pear for all while I started dinner - Frittata. Sauteed onion, leftover bits of meat, & corn in a pan before whisking up 8 eggs with milk and then pouring over stuff in pan. Crumbled rest of fetta over top of the adults' size before putting in the oven to grill on top. Went easy on the stuff in the frittata as when my kids are feeling fussy, they are very FUSSY. So served lots of avo, cheese & capsicum on the side and it was one of the most peaceful meals we've had in a looooooong time. And yes, it was very tasty.

And the end of another week!

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  1. I always feel fuller after reading your blog! Yummy is right... keep up the good work, and tell us all the wonderful ideas you get in Melbourne!!