Thursday, March 25, 2010

Week 10 - 8kgs!!!!!!!

Stoked to see I'd lost 8 kgs this morning. That was a big milestone for me, although I spose 10 kgs will be even better........

The week's been going well and was pleasantly surprised at how much better I felt by Tuesday, other than an occasional hacking cough, I felt great. I was so fired up for gym on Wednesday morning and so enjoyed being back, even tho I'd only missed 1 session. On Monday I really focussed on dosing up on all my minerals, & vitamins, lots of water and only eating when I was hungry. Monday I enjoyed a smoothee in the morning and had some raw vegan pizza bases topped with lots of crunchy salad for lunch (oops, that was after a honey sandwich while making the kids lunches) and then I experimented on some pikelets for the kids in the arvo using Buckwheat flour:

1 cup organic unbleached sr flour

3/4 cup buckwheat flour

1/4 cup coconut palm sugar

2 eggs whisked

1 cup milk

Mix dry, then add liquid till mixture same consistency of pouring cream. Add more milk if not liquid enough. Cook in melted butter in fry pan.

To me they were not as light and fluffy as normal but very similar to the wholemeal flour ones I used to make. Of course they are much better eaten straight away while still warm. I don't butter them (as I cook them in butter) but just spread with sugar free jam and a big dollop of cream, or with a drizzle of maple syrup. The kids enjoyed them as normal (and so did I - was such a wonderful comfort food while sick).

For dinner I was desp enough to delve into the freezer, and reheat some chicken patties and served them with salad for everyone. Easy enough. I then finished off my choc mousse with a dollop of cream and some chopped macadamias - again with the comfort food, but it is nice to have a little treat at the end of the day every once in a while.

Tuesday was feeling on top of the world and was nice to head to the shops for a little while to get a few jobs done, however, the kids had other ideas and came home feeling like I wanted to bang my head against the wall for awhile. I gave the kids baby muffins at the shop for m tea but kept to my water. Home, and i was happy to get stuck into a leftover corn wrap with salad and some steak left over, and then made another wrap using lettuce to fill up on. And at night I'd marinaded some chook legs in 1/2 cup of olive oil and a lemon thinly sliced. That was roasted at night along with a sweet potato bake and rocket salad - how delicious.

And yesterday we were off to the park for a picnic in the morning with friends. I brought with a dip I'd made the day before thanks to Giada again! Spinach & Cannelini Bean dip:

1 bag of organic baby spinach

1 clove of garlic crushed

1 tbsp olive oil

1/2 can cannelini beans

1 tbsp lemon juice

olive oil to add

Sautee spinach in pan with oil & garlic till wilted, then add to beans in food processor, along with lemon and puree till smooth. Add oil till smooth consistency and season to taste. When I do it next I think I would add some chilli to the saute as well.

I brought this along with carrot & celery sticks and some snowpeas to snack on, and really enjoyed it. Lots of water too. I didn't need lunch till much later and got all excited at doing an omelette with yummy rocket salad on the side. Didn't need anything through the arvo but relished dinner - dukkah coated salmon fillets with a great corn, avo & green bean salsa. Only blanched the green beans so they were still nice and crunchy, and also added chopped red capsicum, some coriander, and a little red onion and green shallot. If the kids hadn't been eating it (and they didn't really enjoy it anyway) I would have added some chilli and more lemon juice.

And as I was out of potatoes, I got Luke to pick up a "small" serve of hot chips which everyone shared at the end (after they'd finished the better part of the meal!). Still trying to give the kids their fruit beforehand but finding that's not going so well with the littlies as they are too distracted. Just need to have more types of fruit on hand to keep them happy.

Oh, and the dandruff has made a reappearance - bummer! However, not getting too dismayed as I have just swapped to an organic s'poo & cond, and apparently it can react with your scalp as it heals from all the other junk you've had on your head before. Most s'poos just "coat" your hair, not actually nourish your hair so finally decided to make the switch. Now to get rid of the proactiv - would be interested to hear what anyone else uses as a "natural" skin cleanser.

Must also mention that I am pretty happy with Neways products I've been trying and if anyone needs anything I can order it in. They have a lot of great safe cleaning chemicals and a wonderful range of personal products too that do not have any of the dangerous stuff in their. I am using their Radiance toothpast and the Eliminator mouthwash which I have also used as a gargle while sick - and it really helped as it is anti-bacterial. Will let you know other products I use and how useful they are. Anyway, must be smoothee time again!


  1. Eeeewwww.....dandruff. Don't know if I want to hang out with you any more!

    In terms of skin care, not natural but I use biotherm. I find it has a fabulous dose of sea minerals which is very calming for my sensitive skin. Of course, I go through

  2. The gym scales flickered on my goal weight before settling back on the one kilo to go (just like on Biggest Loser) mark. Trying to get to step tomorrow. Doesn't help when I'm mixing and testing the raw vegan choc half the week. The 2nd batch turned out smoother, but still nothing like the picture.

  3. Are you processing or blending the nuts? I always find the processor doesn't do as smooth a job as the blender. Was going to try it out this arvo, better get soaking I spose.