Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 10 - intro

Week 10 and almost 8 kgs gone - I am stoked! It was more than I'd hoped to achieve before Easter and I still have 1.5 wks to cement that 8 kgs before heading off to Melbourne. I am under no illusions that it will be a little harder to stay on track down there but I will be trying. First thing will be a trip to the Vic Markets to stock up on as much fruit as possible, may take a few "emergency" supplies with me too, just in case its hard to rustle up an Organics store nearby.

Have been reading a fascinating book at the moment (other than the Time Travellers Wife which I finished in 3 days, quite interesting) called "The Jungle Effect" by Daphne Miller, MD. Talks a lot about how native/indigenous people in their homelands live extremely healthy lives but when these diets are "westernized" they lose all their health benefits and this leads inevitably to obesity, diabetes and health problems. Makes sense of course, but reading through it once again has shown me the importance of the origin of food and how the less refined things are, the more goodness they retain. It has once again motivated me to get into the beans a lot more - lentils, adzuki, etc. I have a few salad recipes to try with these so hope to gain a few more good ones to share this week. This book gives some very authentic recipes for traditional mexican (and no tacos or nachos anywhere to be seen), Mediterranean, Camaroon and Japanese. Found a few I would like to try that don't infringe on my diet, and score high in the antioxidant, omega-3 points.

But, I am also starting off the week very sick! I seem to have picked up the kids malady, and feel dreadful - being upright is quite difficult, my glands are horrendous, and I have a cough that racks the whole body. Last night I used all I could to give me a peaceful sleep - spray, vicks chest rub, vicks nasal spray, pain killers, vits and mins supplements & throat gargle. I slept like the dead, yay, and even got a sleep in which is so unlike me when I am normally always awake by 5. Will need a very restful day to get better as my hubby is in Brissy for the next 2 days and won't be around to take up any slack. sigh. Will try not to stress out my body with too much food either - when you're sick, your body needs all its energy to heal so it is important to eat the most easily digestible foods as possible - which is of course raw fruit and veg. And lots of water. So that is my plan today, and hopefully, things will look a little rosier tomorrow!

Must add a quick note about my delish dessert last night, of course! Didn't want to freak out everyone else last night with just serving my "alternative" choc mousse and fruit salad so did a compromise. I baked another honey sponge (honey, eggs, flour), sliced it in half, and smeared a thick layer of mousse on the bottom half, covered in sliced strawberries, sandwiched on the top half and smothered it in whipped cream with more berries piled on top. Was delectable and got polished off in one sitting (I stuck to my one small slice) and no one was too turned off by the ingredients in the choc mousse as the proof was in the pudding! We did enjoy the pork roast beforehand - I haven't had pork now for about 3 weeks - no bacon either. So, it was a pretty good wkend and other than being sick, this week looks promising.


  1. The traditional recipes using corn or cornflour/cornmeal involve soaking in lime water which improves the amino acid quality of proteins, and releases the Vit B3 which otherwise remains bound up in the grain. Modern tacos and tortillas are completely foreign to the healthy traditional staples in your book, Kath... which btw, can I have a read? Ta!

  2. sorry love, was a library book but sure you can get it at yours. Am p'copying the recipes I want tho. I think the book calls the traditional cornmeal "mata harani"? wonder if I can find it anywhere as they sound pretty easy to make.

  3. Hakuna Matata????