Monday, March 8, 2010

Week 8

Well, there was much rejoicing in the house yest when I finally broke thru that 5 kg barrier. This is always were my weight loss stalls and has taken me over 2 wks to break through. Yep, 6 kgs gone but of course I still must be on my best behaviour to make sure it is a permanent thing. My PT commented on how good I was looking this morning and that always makes me smile.

My other good news is that after seeing my Chiro on Sat, she thinks she can help me with my ankles. And after a bit of massage on Sat, they are already heaps better. She thinks they are not getting enough rest after all my gym sessions and so are just tightening, tightening, tightening - yes, I know - it is worth a grimace! Will hopefully see her again today to have a full session devoted to them. That is such a relief as I was really starting to worry about how long I had to live with feeling so crippled in the mornings........ my whole thing is wanting to live life to the optimal, not having to feel like I'm "just making it through". If only I would keep learning this with my faith too - why do we live such half-hearted lives when we could invest all our trust in Christ, switch off our own destructive selves and let Him bring about such awesomeness. I need more quiet time with Him.

Yes, i am feeling very upbeat this morning (may it last all week) but it really helps to have had a good weekend where I managed (other than a hot cross bun) to stay focused for nearly all of it. The fruit in the morning is working well and feels very cleansing. Beautiful omelette for tea with rocket salad (even the hubby loved it) and it was very filling. Yest, we had breaky at a cafe and it was seriously the first time I sat there and did not want what everyone else was having - BACON INCLUDED! I had a fruit antipasto platter where I got to try grapefruit for the first time (I know, pathetic hey) and dragon fruit - very interesting & def not sweet. I also attended a baby shower in the arvo and brought a magnificent fruit platter (star fruit, kiwi fruit, melon balls, orange slices, grapes) which I enjoyed sharing. I'd had a big lunch at my sister's place - roast chook, huge green salad with fetta (yum, yum, yum) and some potato bake (naughty but soooooo good). So it really filled me up for the arvo. Some rice paper rolls for tea and a little crispy chicken stirfry (very sweet chilli sauce) and that was that!

Have had a few more headaches along with my glands still being sore but am now looking for a connection between my little lapses with the bread devil! Anyway, this was just a quick start to the week, and am praying that next entry will still be just as positive.


  1. Hey sista, Was FABULOUS to get back to step class today, think I'll try and do it again on Wed. Also, I won 2 personal training sessions!!! For referring my neighbour... Maybe it'll help me reach my goal weight by Easter (4 weeks is SURELY enough for two kgs!!!) I'm writing out two days' worth of my diet for the trainer to look at - will be interested to hear the reaction!! I've never tasted dragon fruit, but I bet the kids would love it just for its name. Hope the chiro helps and the quiet time plan too. Hooroo...

  2. I know what you mean about the 5kg mark. Somehow it always is my undoing and my momentum is shot. Prayers that you'll continuing looking after the temple of Holy Spirit.

  3. So true SS - I get all cocky about how well I'm doing (losing 5 kgs) and then get lax with my diet (says she with mouth full of fried rice - aaah!). Vik I've got 2 kgs to go before Easter too so see who gets there first! Cool about the PT too - can't wait to see how you feel after those sessions........