Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 8 - pt 2

Wow, still cheerful - amazing isn't it! Prob cause my weight is still dropping and I think that has a lot to do with the morning fruit thing! I do have to confess that I still do have my coffee first thing in the morning, which i know does nothing to help but it is still one thing I really enjoy and treasure. However, it is now the ONLY coffee I have throughout the day. Any other urges I get for a coffee, I counter with a smoothee or a green/peppermint tea. Both are exceptional at stifling food cravings.

I am in the process of making sure there is plenty of fruit cut up ready for the mornings. I am trying to encourage the kids to eat some fruit first thing in the morning, and then later if they are still hungry, they will have their toast or egg. In the evening I do the same thing. They have their fruit fix a half hour before dinner instead of afterwards. These habits, of course, are great for me too; because, then I fill up on fruit a bit before dinner and (in theory) shouldn't need as much to eat at dinner. It is so difficult to stop eating for the sake of it and I find I do that mainly at night - esp if I know I've eaten enough, but as I am putting away the leftovers, or making the kids' lunches, I have a little nibble here, a little nibble there - no real self control in that department. :-(

I am trying to put the most emphasis on lunch. Mid morning I make a smoothee for all - I blend the fruit with water, take out my glassful, then add milk and cacao for the kids. I still want to get my hands on some of that Supergreen powder that is full of the best green stuff and can be added to juices or smoothees. By lunch I try to fix a nice big lunch - omelette and salad or raw vegan pizza with salad toppings, or a big salad with meat on top. Yest, I popped out to mrs Flannerys after lunch and scored a ROAR chocolate crackle from their fridge section - what a treat, so delicious and once again, all raw vegan ingredients!

Was preparing a feast of wilted spinach and kale sauteed in garlic, chilli and ginger last night for dinner but for some reason I could not stomach the idea (boring........) and ended up slack and eating the fried rice I'd made for the others - oops. But that was it. Today I am getting ready some tandoori chicken (marinaded in spices and nat yoghurt) to bake in the oven for dinner which will be lovely with a nice big salad so I will report at how that goes later in the week!


  1. Good for you and the coffee!! I knew you could do it! I've got to say that kale and spinach idea seems kind of *Aak* even to me. Wouldn't the wheatgrass powder do the right job for your smoothees? Haven't heard back from Heather about the prices, sorry. Keep being cheerful, I love it!

  2. I'm having Jodie from the 1000 mums make a diff gp come round on Fri prob and she's going to show me all the "deals" you can get, including wholesale with Neways. Will see what she says too. The supergreen powder is EVERYTHING & said to be super-duper; wheatgrass - pfft! (But I do have it still so should prob finish that first anyway......)