Monday, March 1, 2010

End Wk 6

Staying pretty constant with the weight but had a BAD last few days........

I have been trying hard to stick with the homeopathic spray which should get rid of the leftovers from the EB virus in my system. Unfortunately it makes the symptoms worse before getting better. I was really feeling it by Thurs - couldn't understand why I was sooooo sluggish at gym and just so tired - I felt like I was sleeping enough, but couldn't explain it until my glands popped up big time that night. Oooooooh, the pain - had to go on the nurofen because they were sore and I was finding it very hard not to collapse. All thru Friday I was a misery guts and was all out of will power to try very hard with anything else. Feasted on crackers and leftover sundried tomato pesto for lunch; and for the kids arvo tea, I had made a yummy banana sundae with the last bit of icecream in the freezer and a delicious choc & cream sauce - which I happily finished off myself and then felt rather nauseous for the rest of the day. Luke took the kids out to dinner at Subway while I was horizontal on the couch and after they were in bed, I then gave in to all my cravings and had some pizza - 1 1/2 largish slices.

I didn't care. I was too tired and ick to care. Saturday, I had to give myself a kick up the backside and was happy to just snack on a banana for breaky while I took No. 2 to netball. Was feeling a bit better by then and popped into the shops for some nice roast chooks and some fruit. Had friends with us the rest of the day and enjoyed some chook and salad for lunch, some mexican dip (layers of salsa, smashed avo, grated cheese, sour cream) with corn chips for arvo tea, and then bbq meat with a gorgeous salad - rocket, thin slivers of pear, radish & parmesan cheese drizzled with olive oil and lemon and topped with some walnuts simmered in honey and then put in fridge to cool for awhile. Ok - so not a perfect day but its always hard when you're busy and haven't spent enough time preparing. :-P

Sunday was another yucky muggy day and still feeling uninspired but stuck with fruit salad and yoghurt for breaky. I was on Sunday School at church so got home so worn out & with a very sore throat and scoffed down 2 salami sandwiches - AND YES, THEY WERE GREAT! Was bummed after but by then also realised it was that time of the month again and so everything was piling up on each other and I was losing the fight to regain control. To top it off we got Indian for dinner and I am still feeling the repurcussions. Bleh! I won't even check my weight because after that blow-out, and the bloating etc - it's not worth making myself any more miserable. Will look forward to going to the Phillip Day seminar tomorrow for renewed inspiration and getting back on track.

Must add, did not have a massive freak out with the PMT - was just an undercurrent of irritability for a few days which wasn't made better by the glands and tiredness. Have also been focusing on praying a lot more for loving my kids and beating away the anger. It's like waging a war in a way and I need to be persistent in the prayer and then entrusting my emotions to God's control (now to keep doing that with the food......).


  1. Fight the good fight! Put on the full armour of God....

    Had bad cramps last week - am thinking it's the detox. But... I'm wearing my original wedding ring, YAY!!

  2. Can relate to the wedding ring being put back on. After I lost the 15kg last year I was able to put my wedding and engagement rings back on. BUTT, if I don't watch it, they'll be off again soon *sigh* *cry* *sigh*

  3. Come on Rob, you can do it - holidays are over, and you just need to find your groove again! We can do it - *wild applause*.....