Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Made Almond Milk

Yes, I did.  And I realised something:  I don't really like the taste of almonds.

Darn it!  I should have made cashew milk.

O H    W E L L.  I wasn't gonna waste the stuff. 

Let's start at the beginning:

1 cup of whole almonds soaked for 4 hours, rinsed, then blended with 2 cups of filtered water.

Then poured into a bowl covered with a fine mesh bag, all the liquid is squeezed out by hand.

Added 2 tsp of raw dark agave nectar to sweeten a little.  Put in fridge.

This is the almond pulp I was left with.  So I decided to put it to good use and make some crackers care of Elana's Pantry.  However, I am impatient and did not leave them on a low oven and bake for 20 HOURS, I put them in a mod oven and baked them till brown & crispy.  Nice texture, but I added a little too much salt.  Not nearly as good as Betsy's Multigrain crackers.

But quite nice with a little avo, pineapple and pea shoots:

So what to do with the almond milk???  Maybe a little baking???

These Trail Mix Cookies are FANTASTIC!  Stolen from Edible Perspective who stole them from somewhere else ..... etc, etc.  Grain free  - uses Buckwheat flour, flaxseed flour & almond meal, cornflakes (instead of oats);  Sugar free - instead it uses ripe bananas, dried juice-sweetened cranberries (instead of currants), & dried apricots.  Egg free - the banana, coconut oil, flaxseed meal & almond milk all help to bind this.  And yes, I added a sprinkle of dk choc bits & the kids LOVED them, as did I.


And to go with these:

A Choc/Banana Smoothee - 2 mejool dates, 2 bananas, 2 tbsp cacao powder, 2 cups almond milk - thankfully the dates & cacao hid the almond taste of milk, so this was delicious & insanely nutritious!

Hoping I like the cashew milk a bit more ......


  1. Two points:
    The almond milk tasted great in my smoothie this morning, wish I had some more!
    And stop putting chocolate chips in everything and then sounding surprised when you LOVE them!!

  2. hahahaha, I know! It's an addiction, and paranoia at the kids not liking them :-S. It is only a tiny sprinkle tho .... I'll make you some more almond milk next time I see you.

  3. Is that the Teresa Cutter Super Warrior Choc Smoothie?

  4. loosely based on it yes, altho I didn't put any almond butter in it. I would usually put some frozen raspberries in there too to make it frothier but the kids wanted it very chocolatey. The dates make it the perfect sweetness!