Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gonna do me some Tracking .....

I get a lot of people asking me what on earth I eat, being grain-free, dairy-free & sugar-free.  So I thought I would do a bit of meal tracking to give you an idea of a "fairly" typical week.


Morning:  Hot water with juice  (family had fried eggs on toast)

Morning Juice: Apple & Pineapple & Ginger

Morning Tea:  Apple on way out to Kalbar (near Boonah, to visit friends)

Lunch:  (brought it with me)  Frittata made from eggs, Crunchy Chicken Wings (My recipe:  1/4 cup cornflour, 3/4 cup almond meal, 3 tsps cajun spice mix, S & P - shake up in big glad bag, add in wingettes (I dissect my own organic chicken wings) and shake thorougly to coat well.  Put on oven trays covered in baking paper & bake in mod oven till brown & crispy, makes a heap & they are very more-ish) and a big salad.

Arvo Tea:  GF Fudge Brownies from Gluten Free Fix - these are totally decadent, I use coconut oil instead of butter, and agave syrup instead of honey.  Also had Sea Salt crisps.

Dinner:  (sooo tired, family had toasted Sandwiches back home)  I had veges and hommous dip.

After:  Cuppa with some Lindt Sea Salt Chocolate 


Morning Juice:  Apple, Pear & Banana in Blender (tastes as it sounds, very unexciting)

Morning Tea:  Apple

Lunch:  2 slices of Roar Food Pizza base (raw,vegan) - topped with my homemade s'dried tomato pesto (s'dried tomatoes, garlic, basil, macadamias and olive oil), sliced avo, tomato, capsicum, cucumber, rocket and basil.  So delicious & so filling.  (Also had supplement w/100% juice)

Arvo tea:  coffee, some quinitoes (quinoa snacks flavoured with cacao & a little sugar, heavenly)

Dinner:  (family ordered pizza) 3 egg omelette (no milk, just add a little water) with sauteed chilli, garlic, & shallots.  Big salad on the side - pea & radish shoots, rocket, carrot, tomato, red onion, dukkah sprinkled on top with lemony, garlic viniagrette.

After:  Cuppa tea


Morning Juice:  Apple, Pineapple, ginger, lime juice (nice and refreshing)

Morning Tea:  1/2 an apple, few pineapple pieces

Lunch:  5 Buckwheat Crispbread spread with s'dried tomato pesto and loaded with rocket, capsicum, pineapple, cucumber, avocado.  (Also had 100% juice w/supplements)

Afternoon Tea:  Banana soft serve (frozen bananas blended in food processor with a little water till soft serve consistency, kids love it) with Chocolate by the Spoonful (cacao, coconut oil & agave) drizzled over top.  (& coffee)

Dinner:  (heading to movies) Some of 'Betsy's No-Grain Multigrain Crackers  with my home-made hommous dip: 1 tin of drained chick peas, some chargrilled veges (caps, eggplant), lemon juice, 2 crushed garlic cloves, 2 tbspns of tahini/ peanut butter, salt, pepper & cayenne pepper, and enough oil/water to get the right consistency.

During Movie: Thomas Chipman's Beetroot Chips - love these! Only 3 ingredients:  Organic Beetroot, Organic vege oil (non-gmo) & sea salt.


Morning Juice:  Banana & Frozen cherries & sprinkle of cinnamon (definately a favourite so far, filling & sweet)

Morning Tea:  Didn't need any, seriously filling smoothee!

Lunch:  Huuuuuuge Salad:  Rocket, pea & radish shoots, avocado, grated zuchinni & carrot, sliced beetroot & pineapple, sliced capsicum & cucumber, walnuts & my s-dried tomato pesto drizzle over top. (Supplements in glass of juice)

Arvo Tea:  Yummy, yummy treat:   Peanut butter Choc Chip bars, again from Gluten Free Fix.  I use agave instead of honey and instead of normal choc chips I use 70% cocoa dark chocolate. I use less sweetener and chocolate and add in some nuts as well so as not to "overdo" the whole sweet thing! (& coffee)

Dinner:  Apricot Chicken - brown off chicken pieces in coconut oil, remove, then add onion, garlic, ginger, sliced celery & julienne carrots to saute.  Add 1cup home-made chicken stock and simmer till veges cooked, season, add 1 tin of baking apriocts (they pack more into them, and less of the sugary juice) & add chicken back in, mix well.  Sprinkle with toasted cashews or almonds & chopped shallots.  (Rest  of family had it with brown rice, I had it without)

After:  Cuppa Tea 


Morning:  Hot water with lemon juice

Morning Juice:  Banana and frozen cherries, cinnamon - Again - LOVE IT!

Morning Tea:  nothing

Lunch:  6 Buckwheat crispbread again with pesto and salad. Juice with supplements.  2 pieces of peanut butter slice.

Arvo tea:  1 crispbread with tomato & salami (tsk), coffee.

Dinner:  Home-made Burgers - beef mince (about 750g), finely processed onion, carrot, celery & zuchini (about 3/4 cup worth), 2 eggs & 1/4 cup almond meal, bbq'd - YUMMO!  Family had them on rolls with loads of salad & beetroot & cheese.  I use lettuce leaves as my burger bun and load the meat patty up with carrot, tomato, cucumber, beetroot and fried onion.  Totally divine, had about 3!!!!!

After:  cuppa tea, 2  pieces of peanut butter slice - all gone :-(


Morning Juice:  Frozen raspberries and freshly cut open rockmelon - not sweet enough.

Morning Tea: Pineapple

Lunch:  Out for lunch at Cafe Republic with my hubby & 2 youngest.  I LOVE ordering the chicken burger without the burger!!  Beautifully marinated chicken fillet, lots of salad, some crispy bacon (tsk) & half an avo sliced, some mayo on the side (I do leave the cheese behind).  With a short black.

Arvo tea:  Fruit smoothee with coconut milk, cacao, banana, frozen berries & some avo.  (with supplements), some vege chips.

Dinner:  Leftovers on organic rye pizza bases for the family, I just had the leftovers:  burgers with salad.

After: cuppa tea

AND I'm off to Melbourne tomorrow so may just have to leave it at that!

Things to note:

* I would give up if not for my own homemade pestos & dips - these are the backbone to most of my lunches & some snacks.  They are easy to grab and taste great with veges, on crackers or drizzled over salads.  My favourites:  Sundried tomato pesto, Hommous (with chargrilled veges, or beetroot) and Avocado guacamole (Avo, lemon juice, little red onion, seasoning)

* For a df, sf girl I do still imbibe in chocolate occasionally.  I have actually noticed that when I do have a few squares of choc at night before bed, I will wake up a bit phlegmy.  I don't always cook very chocolatey treats for me or the kids but will do so if we are having visitors - so I am NOT ALWAYS, overstepping that mark.  However, I am very fussy with my chocolate - only 70% cocoa dark choc (very minimal sugar & milk) will do.

* I try to keep quite a bit of frozen fruit in the freezer:  cherries, raspberries, blueberries, and sliced bananas so as to always have fruit on hand when desperate.

* Eggs are my go-to when desp for a quick, healthy, tasty meal:  frittatas, omelettes or just fried eggs with a big serving of salad on the side.

* This week I lost 1.5 kgs!!!!!!


  1. Will have to try your beef burgers and your banana soft serve - see there were 2 things I can use this time! Maybe mark can give the hommus a go (if you have any leftovers of the dips.....)


  2. I might make some hommous for tomorrow. Thanks for commenting - I feel loved :-)

  3. Phew, what a marathon! Glad you lost 1.5kgs. I don't know what I would do without my basil pesto; I eat a lot more garlic than you I think, and stir fry all my leafy greens with it, too. Be wary of the 100% juice - all packaged juice is pasteurised and therefore pretty much all fructose, no vitamins left unless fortified. Another reason to blend the whole fruit in your own kitchen.