Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Easter-over!

As much as I love Easter and all it means, there is such relief when it is over.  I am an emotional wreck during Good Friday service as I am always pierced to my heart remembering all Jesus suffered for me .... and thankfully this was tempered with a wonderful meal afterwards with most of my family.  I had found some gorgeous organic pork shoulder roll roasts that crackled perfectly, and had with delicious apple/pear sauce, green salad (thanks Wendy) and piles of roasted veg - shallots, sweet potato, potato and pumpkin.  With my amazing apple and rhubarb crumble afterwards, it was a lovely wintery meal in gorgeous summer weather.  Yep, we went to the beach later!

There was more beachifying with cousins on the Saturday - another big feast which still included mostly additive, & sugar free foods.  Sausages, grilled veges, coleslaw, Frittata, mini-quiches, apricot balls, snowcake, Elana's scones with raspberry jam made from dates and raspberries (thanks Vikki) and piles of fruit. Gosh we ate well.  And there were 10 adults and 13 and 1/2 kids. 

The kids engrossed in the Easter Egg Hunt that my cousin Jess put together and skillfully entwined the Easter story into.

Saturday night was a shared meal with friends from church:  what a spread!  Fantastic food & wonderful company, it was actually nice  to have a night off of hosting and to not have to clean up afterwards.  Wonderful.

Easter Sunday began with choc eggs and ended with choc eggs - for my kids, that is!  I couldn't stomach much at all (thank goodness) but I did enjoy the rocky road I made to give to all the family as presents:  70% dk  chocolate melted, with toasted macadamias and shredded coconut, organic crispy rice cereal and juice-sweetened dried cranberries.  Lunch was a relief:  rocket and water cress salad with apple slices and grilled king prawns (thanks Mermaids) before the enslaught of another roast with lemon meringue to follow....... *groan*.

And for the finale:  My Chocolate Easter Cake!

My flourless hazelnut choc torte with a chocolate ganache icing, topped with 70% dark chocolate Easter eggs.  Thankfully I managed 2 small slices and the rest was gratefully shared.

And since then it's rained on & off and turned very chilly.  Time for trackie pants, socks & some hearty meals.   However, check out my little green oasis out the back:

Radish sprouts, can't wait to snip some into a salad (very peppery) soon. 
Somehow, this gorgeous green baby growth makes me understand the meaning of new life, moreso than the chocolate eggs & fluffy bunnies.  Such joy, such promise in these fragile beings.  I hope I foster some of this new growth in my heart towards a more joyous relationship with my God.

Beetroot sprouts with some fast multiplying kale in the background - tuscan & curly.

Little babies ......

Lettuce & Rocket is growing well but looking a little beaten by the heavy rainfall we've had.

My favourite - slender tendrils which will hopefully become fantastic leeks.

And for the proper finale - my gorgeous organic capsicum!  I had a crop of 2 and have seen no other flowers so I will enjoy this all on it's own, crisp and sooooo tasty.

And after such a hectic long weekend, I now need another holiday.  Thankfully next weekend is Labour Day so another 3day weekend.  I am hoping for a little more resting but I'm sure there will still be plenty more food! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter XOXOX.


  1. I like that Caleb got a mention : )


  2. How is the garden growing?