Monday, April 12, 2010

Week 13 - Eek! My shorts are falling off!

Well, with 9kgs off I have begun to finally see some changes. I almost lost my shorts at the park yesterday and had to kick myself that I didn't put my belt on. I'd been putting them thru the dryer in the hope that they would shrink some but it doesn't seem to be doing the job. I also tried on some of my "skinny" pants and was quite happy with how they looked. It's made me want to go thru my clothes and get rid of a lot of the fat, baggy, elastic stuff left in there. Yes, there are still a couple of maternity jeans in there that I loved the shape of, but now I don't need to be so scared of finding normal ones again!

The last time I was this weight was for Wendy's wedding 2 1/2 yrs ago but I still think my body looks way different from back then as I was not doing any gym training.

I haven't seen my PT for over 2 weeks now and I was feeling pretty low about it but I've just been so sick that I just didn't want to rush in and overdo stuff too early and get laid low again. I did do heaps of walking in Melbourne and had one weights session at the hotel gym - which I thought was pretty successful considering I was on my own. It was funny that day because I was sooooooo tired and just wanted to collapse on the bed for the arvo - but I actually realised that it was because I wasn't excercising that I had no energy, so I really felt motivated to thrash it out. Did me the world of good.

However, now that I'm better, Georgie's gone away for the wkend and so I won't be back at it till next Wednesday! Aaaaagh! But got my act together and have been doing an abs workout every wnd night. I doubt I could do a good overall weights session myself so just focussing on an easy target so that my muscles are still "working". A bit of rest is good for them so that they can start activating on the fat around them, but I feel like when I'm not working out regularly, they might go stagnant, as will my weight. And I can't imagine anything holding me back from getting back at it on Wednesday.

This week's been rather haphazard in the feeding department seeing as the week started off with me so sick. I wavered between not wanting to eat, and just wanting some comfort food - buttered toast dripping with jam (and yes, i do believe one day I gave into that dream!). I found I was craving the bread the most - it really frustrates me how hard it is to avoid bread when my family eats it alllllllll the time. And what's more, I am pretty sure it's what aggravates my dandruff. Just wish that I could release that craving......

One night we had Thai again and then Thurs night we got a night out at a new Turkish restaurant - not too much that I couldn't eat and I was able to just have a little taste of everything so that I didn't overeat. Steamed fish, leg of lamb, greek salad, squid, and a little taste of baklava - mmmmmm.......I miss baklava!

The night before I'd actually made kofta for our dinner and the kids had loved eating it wrapped in pita bread with coleslaw.

Mediterranean Kofta (adapted from Coles mag):

500g beef mince and 500g lamb mince

3 garlic cloves crushed

3 tbsp chopped parsley

4 tsps ground cumin

2 tbsp ground allspice

2 eggs, beaten

S & P

Blend all in processor till smooth. Mould meat balls around skewers and then let rest in fridge for awhile. Cook in a little oil in pan, and brown on all sides.

I did a lovely coleslaw to go with it and it was enjoyed by all! And there was enough leftover for lunch the next day. I've been enjoying some nice big lunches - omelette and salad, leftovers, and today - sauteed kale (in garlic, ginger, chilli) with baked beans. I'm still coping quite well in the mornings with my coffee and fruit. The pink lady apples up here are absolutely gorgeous and they are my fruit of choice at the moment. Every time I start one, tho, the bubba tries to steal it and sometimes eats it all up and I miss out.

Today I made the spice muffins that I got in my Easter gift from younger sis - it was like a pkt mix with all the sep ingredients (except milk) indidvidually packaged and pre-measured. So I don't know all the details but I did substitute the 1/2 cup of caster sugar with some extra honey and 1/4 cup of coconut palm sugar. They were very tasty muffins with buckwheat flour and an amazing mix of spices (not sure which). I decided not to make the cream cheese icing for on top but instead I drizzled the hot muffins with honey. Delicious.

Now, I don't want this to drag out any longer but I must just bring you uptodate on my ankles. I had the x-ray and ultrasound done on Monday and saw the dr on Wed, who confirmed I had an inflamed achilles tendon in my left ankle, and a calceneal spur as well. Nothing too serious so the dr just recommended I have some work done on it by a physio (much to the disgust of my chiro) and because I have suffered with it for over 3 months I was given an EPC for 5 free sessions. My ankles have been quite OK lately (prob due to lack of gym work) so will let it relax for now and get the work done when I have a clearer schedule.

And so, will now see how the weekend goes and if the next kg will stay off and not surprise me by sneaking back on. Strength is what I need!

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