Friday, April 9, 2010

Week 12 - Marvellous Melbourne

So, the biggest relief when I finally got home was that yes, I'd only put on a kilo. I was pretty happy with how I'd managed the trip away and still can say that I really enjoyed myself. However, because I was a little lenient in some things, I had a headache or icky tummy nearly EVERY day. Didn't enjoy that part! And I came home with the most horrific flu that hit me especially hard. I feel like my immunity may have been a bit weakened by the change in routine (I didn't have a lot of my powders and vitamins that I normally take) and the climate was so much dryer (and I wasn't drinking enough water to compensate).

But, my first priority when I got into melbourne, was searching out some good snacks for me to carry round everywhere. We visited Vic Markets on Sat morning and altho it took a lot of looking, I finally discovered the Organics area. Their Red Delicious apples were the most AMAZING I'd ever tasted and were usually my morning snack each day - a real treat! Also, stocked up on pears, bananas, almonds, org apple juice, eggs, dried cranberries and a nashi! Yum, I'd forgotten how great they were - crisp like apples, taste like grapes, exquisite with a slice of vintage cheddar! While at the markets, I couldn't not try their sicilian donuts - golden puffy with sultanas inside - very naughty but enjoyable. I allowed myself to taste a little of things I normally wouldn't just so I didn't deprive myself into a massive decline. I love all the little bistros, boulangeries, delicatessans and patisseries in melbourne and wanted to feel like I'd had a little taste of Paris while there!

I enjoyed my coffees each morning and must admit that I was quite quickly back on my 2 a day seeing as there were so many amazing spots to stop and partake (Brunetti's being the fave of course). We had breaky there one morning and I took great pleasure in nibbling on the kids' croissants. I also gave in to a canoli and florentine on our way to the airport - delish but way too much in the end and made me quite ill on the flight home.

Lunches were pretty easy and I usually found enough salads to keep me happy. The nicest was probably at the Museum (such an excellent cafeteria) and was rocket, pumpkin, asparagus, fetta with a satay dressing - sounds strange but tasted great. And there was a delish spinach salad I had with garlic prawn satays at Hunky Dory in Pt Melbourne. And on our last day I was able to put together a terrific salad of leftovers - boiled eggs, toms & cukes (from BF's garden) with some grilled chicken.

Easter day was magnificent! We visited a baptist church in Blackburn and what a glorious service it was - so joyful and the singing very uplifting. And lunch was a real feast. There was plenty of nibblies - hommous, cheeses, gherkins, veges, crackers - but I tried to hold back so I could really enjoy lunch. And what a lunch - slow cooked leg of lamb in the webber, the crispiest roast potatoes EVER, fresh made tzatziki, nice light salad, crunchy chicken wings, and bread. Wow, did we enjoy that feed. And we all had 2nds and 3rds ....... and didn't need any dinner! I did take some of their homegrown toms home with some basil and olive oil and had a very delish light salad. Nothing tastes as good as "healthy"!

And there was more feasts to be had at the br-in-law's with a big bbq, grilled eggplant, spinach salad, more chicken wings, potato bake and would you believe - tomato, mozzarella & basil salad too! I'm drooling just thinking about it all again! Unfortunately, there was pavlova as well but I managed just half a slice. I didn't feel the need for much chocolate but I did have a few little ones - the first 2 would be delicious but by the 3rd or 4th I was feeling ill and was able to easily end it there.

And on our last night there I also enjoyed a tremendous Eggplant Parmigiana at a Pub! And wasn't even tempted to partake in the amazing Brunetti's cake I'd bought to celebrate Ava's b'day with.

And that was Melbourne! It was a wonderful trip but there is a certain sense of relief at being back in a routine and being able to monitor my eating better again. Well, it won't be long before I blog again and update on how its going being back and being so sick..... so until then.


  1. Hurry up and get better! I'm feeling lurgy after too much picking in the fridge today... I'm sunk if I don't have my jug of lemon water ready in time for mid-morning. Back to Step tomorrow, and wondering if going away again next week will further hold back my progress. Paul has been cooking up some treats while on holidays... shall I blame his tempting goodies? They are not unhealthy, just I eat too much of them!!

  2. Yes, blame Paul - why not! Skipped gym again this morning but might go for a walk later instead - just don't want to sink myself again before being a 100%. Pick on fruit Vikki! That's all I usually have in the fridge anyway. (Except for now - at the moment there is cherry ripe mud wedding cake, caramel cheesecake, and a lone choc cupcake in there - horrors!).

  3. That's terrifying!!! (The fridge contents...)

    Fruit is still a bug-bear for me due to the candida blah blah blah. I can snack on a couple of nuts which usually is very satisfying. Dried a bag of apples in the dehydrator at 37 degrees - therefore not cooked. They are so delicious!! If I just sliced apples and dehydrated and sold to friends, I think I could definitely fill a need. Wonder what I will try next; maybe pears?

    I put a bunch of fennel on top of my stir-fry tonight - it smelt and tasted divine! Highly recommended.

    Cheers big ears!