Monday, February 15, 2010

Week 5

Thanks girls for the encouragement and lovely thoughts! I am back, and it was such a massive week last week that I just did not have the time or energy to get on and blog. Sorry!

Well, I started this week without weighing myself but chances are nothing much has changed. I did lose that kg from last weekend in the next couple of days but am still seesawing so will just have to stick with that 3 kg for now. However, I am def seeing more of a change in my body thanks to my PT's awesome brutality! I even got some comments at church yest that I was looking heaps better. Those ab workouts are def working and I am noticing my arms and legs are slowly gettting a bit more definition. And do you know what - I AM VERY HAPPY WITH THAT! ....... (for now anyway) It was a tough week with so many celebrations and I know I will not be able remember to own up to everything but I am feeling quite pleased with myself that I did not just do a huge blow-out and give up. And if I knew I had a big meal coming up, I did really cut back the rest of the day in anticipation.

With our wedding anniversary breakfast, I did not have to eat the whole rest of the day - it was that filling (the omelette) - I do not want to know how many eggs was in that thing! And dinner at night was just amazing (albeit expensive but well worth it) - was relieved to find an entree and main to eat. (Had to have the heavenly bread roll tho - just smelt too delicious). For entree I had the carrot, cardamon & orange soup (with ginger creme fraiche) - I cannot begin to tell you how divine this was, I am still desperate to try and find a coordinating recipe. For mains I had crispy skinned salmon on garlic roasted potato & beetroot with a microherb salad on top and horseradish cream sauce. I was very satisfied with that and a mouthful of L's choc truffle tart - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. And no wine, just juice and water!

Was hard baking no 2's b'day cupcakes on Tues, choc ganache is too tempting not to taste test! THis was the day that my BF rang up to tell me about a new vegan cupcake cookbook that was out and included quite a few recipes that were sugar and wheat free. Did buy the book on Thurs ("Babycakes" by Erin McKenna) based on a bakery in NYC and now need to find fava and garbanzo bean flour to try some!?!? There's even frosting that tastes like frosting (based on soy milk powder, soy flour and coconut oil?).

On b'day I made pancakes for the family but honestly didn't want any - was happy with the fruit salad I'd made as well. Dinner was sizzlers and once again had to have a piece of the cheese bread (bread is more my weakness than sugary desserts!) but only had one plate from the salad bar - some potato bake, lots of salad (none of the premade already dressed ones - so bad) with a dollop of sour cream on the side. The soups looked feral and runny so was a bit bummed with that. But felt full enough that I knew missing dessert would not worry me. (And just on the side - when I saw how my son went beserk after having the icecream and toppings, it made me more keen to keep these sugar overloads away from my kids.)

I did make a beautiful frittata one night. I sauteed one potato, onion, garlic, red capsicum, chilli and then whisked up 5 eggs, some milk and basil and poured over veges in fry pan. Let it cook on the stove top for a while and then put it under the grill after sprinkling on a bit of feta and greated cheese. Was delish with a nice green salad on the side - unfortunately I could not stop at just one piece......

And Friday night (another b'day celebration) was Indian night. I spent all day simmering an amazing Beef Vindaloo - I can't really put the recipe down as it has a hundred spices in it but its from Jane Kennedys cookbook - "fabulous food without the boombah" - has no sugar and is alot lower in fat than the normal takeaway. I also made a spiced eggplant dish which is just a whole heap of indian spices, diced eggplant & a tin of tomato - very yummy. So with rice (for everyone else) steamed green beans (for me instead of rice) and pappadums, it was an amazing feast! For dessert I'd made a sugar-free honey sponge cake as I knew I wanted a slice - the recipe is just 2 eggs whipped for 5 mins, 1/2 cup of honey added in a thin stream (while mixing) and then another 5 mins of whipping. Add 1 cup of sifted SR Flour and gently fold in. Put in a lined, greased cake tin. I actually made 2 and spread some sugar-free strawberry jam in between and then topped it with whipped cream and piles of fresh berries - s/berries, blueberries & raspberries. It was delish but just kept to my one slice so that I didn't overdo it.

However, during the week I did feel the beginnings of a minor sugar craving. Found myself in the next few days digging round looking for sweet stuff during the day - hadn't done that for awhile. Surprising how quickly it can be reactivated - just like a drug! So yes, I did find myself scoffing the last leftover bit of choc ganache icing from the fridge - and no I didn't feel sick afterwards! The important question is WHY DID I KEEP IT???? It was a temptation waiting to happen.

And on Saturday it was off for an early lunch/late brunch at Ferry Road Markets. Another omelette but this was not very nice with potato and chorizo in it. Happily left 1/3 of it behind. But easily made up that bit by snacking on the heavenly fries instead. :-( Did stock up on some chicken stock and fruit. For dinner the hubby was at the Reds game so it was leftover Indian. And Sunday was Valentines and i made the kids some gorgeous raspberry and choc chip muffins for breaky - I had 1/2 of one and coffee and that was it. Looking back, all these taste tests, 1/2s, bits here and there - why doesn't it surprise me that my aches and pains are back alot worse this week?? The kids managed to stub or knock my fingers & toes twice that weekend too and it was excruciating. sigh.

Oh, and that's right, I went to the Miami Organic Markets before church and found some raw vegan pizza bases - cannot remember all that they were made out of but they dehydrate them and they are soooo tasty and very filling. THey are made by Roar Food and I have had some of their raw vegan choc tart as well - just divine and very surprising made from avocado, cacoa powder, agave etc. Will get some of that next week for a treat! So for lunch I had the pizza base spread with basil pesto (another purchase - raw vegan too) and topped with a little ham, lettuce, grated carrot, tomato, sliced beetroot & red onion. Sprinkle of grated cheese on top and then gently heated in the snadwich press - was so satisfying and as exciting as eating a bad pizza or a hamburger. Had them for lunch the next day too and now I need more......

And so, I shall finish more of this week a bit later. Hopefully won't take so long next time...


  1. Wow, that surely covered a lot of ground. I looked for one of those grain-free cookbooks at DJs today, but they only had gluten-free. Flannerys has one that sounds like what you got but I didn't pay enough attention to the name of it (they've also got my cookbook for sale there - for $10 less than I bought it for!!!). Have noticed how much less drowsy I am at work in the last two weeks. I think I get the munchies as different times of my cycle, as well as when the celebrations are abounding. I'm going to try and bake a cake for mum and us to enjoy for her birthday (she didn't like the bunya nuts I saved up for her today!). I bravely looked at the scales after a week off step with my bung neck, and have apparently kept my next kg off - only 3 to go!! Keep up the good work with yourself and the kids (that Bailey is the cat's pjs!).

  2. which grain free cookbook? I have the titles if you want to know which bks I've been thru. The best was Cooking Without, and Gluten Free, Sugar Free Cooking. Kathie.