Monday, February 8, 2010

Week 4

Was hoping to start the week on a good note but totally bummed at putting a kilo back on over the weekend. How did it happen? Why am bothering if it just jumps back on when i'm not looking? Feel like just forgetting about it, but I know I can't afford to. Had a lovely breaky out this morning for our wedding anniversary and I know that will probably lead to another kilo on tomorrow. The beginning of the end????

Maybe it was the few pieces of pizza Sat night? However, it was extremely thin & crispy and didn't eat the thick edge pieces. I know, it wouldn't have helped. And then there was the bacon & eggs that morning, sigh. Took a little salad to eat for lunch out at Whitewater World & snacked on pineapple pieces and some corn chips in the arvo. Yest I enjoyed a breaky of sliced bananas, with a sprinkle of cacao powder, coconut & almonds. Lunch was the yummy soup i'd made on friday and dinner was a nice salad of lettuce, chicken, avo, cucumber and red caps. Also shredded 2 roast chooks and I'm sure I managed to consume bits of leftovers. Sooooooooo depressed. Feeling tired again and tried to enjoy gym (only cause I was looking forward to weighing myself again - boy, was that a letdown).

And this morning I couldn't really enjoy being out but it didn't stop me consuming all of a pea, fetta & mint omelette with bacon on the side. At least I'll be full all day but if we go out for dinner tonight, how much will I weigh in the morning, even if I'm careful?????????

Well, will stop the depressing whinge and hope that next time I write there will be better news.


  1. Hang in there Kath. Don't let the scales set you back on your path to a new way of eating for life. You're doing a great job. xxx

  2. Amen to that! I've made my lentils tonight, seasoned with cummin and smoky paprika. Very nice. Added some Indian coconut curry paste to Paul's, but it's probably not spicy enough for him to overlook the lentil part of the equation. Are you drinking lots of water to keep the system moving along, Kath? And maybe your body's putting on some muscle at the moment. Hope you were able to enjoy your anniversary dinner regardless. When are you starting your spray? Love,

  3. How did your night out go? What'd'ya'have? No guilt, just enjoy. A wonderful thing to celebrate in this day and age! I too was thinking the gym work may add muscle and hence add to the scales. Have a good day.