Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Yummy Rawness (and how grows my garden .......)

I have been meaning to be a little more adventurous in making some more raw meals, and for this I needed and acquired 2 very beautiful items:

My Vitamix

My Spirooli
 It makes raw cooking so much more exciting and a lot easier.  The Spirooli makes the most gorgeous spirals out of fruit and veg and I've found I've been using it a lot more for the kids than for myself.  Apples and carrots are definitely their favourites.  But my main purpose for this was creating my own raw pasta out of zucchini - sooooooo easy.  And when softened in hot water (not boiling, as this would "cook" it) it does actually take on a lot of the characteriestics of al dente pasta.

And for a luscious raw tomato sauce to go on top, I used this recipe:

6 sun-dried tomatoes, soaked for 2 hours
6 chopped fresh roma tomatoes
a handful of fresh basil leaves
4 medjool dates, soaked for 2 hours
1 garlic clove
generous pinch of sea salt & splash of cold-pressed olive oil

Throw all into the Vitamix and blend till smooth.

This recipe has everything you need:  intensity from the s-d toms, the zestiness of the basil, sweetness from the dates & the depth from the garlic.  Totally delicious and you can basically use this as a dip if you wanted or just eat it straight out of the Vitamix. To go over my pasta, I warmed it gently (place the amount of tomato sauce you need in a small bowl and place that in a bowl of hot water, that comes up the side of yr first bowl.  Stir).  A meal that is not just vibrant with colour and freshness, but bursting with flavour and goodness.  Give it a try!

The other thing I cannot live without my Vitamix for, is my morning Green Smoothie.  Yes, I've become a little more adventurous with my morning juices, and am now inovlving a hearty dose of green stuff in there as well.  Kale is my first choice, and a couple of leaves in with my banana & pineapple juice and it goes a ludicrous green!

You do not taste the kale, but man, do you feel the benefits - it's like an adrenalin shot!  It is the perfect energiser to start your day with.

And now, for a progress report on my garden. 

If not for my spectacular peas, things would have been a little more dire.

I've enjoyed picking the leaves off of my kale and rocket and lettuce, but to say there's been a bumper crop, would be a massive understatement!  I haven't dared to dig out a carrot yet, and my poor leeks look quite peak-ed.  It may not be good news on that front either.  However, I have managed another capsicum off of my hard-working bush, and another glorious tomato bush has sprung up.  Maybe next winter I'll just stick with peas ......


  1. How much did your spiral thingy cost? Good idea with the zucchini!

  2. I think you can get it for anywhere between $30 & $40, with 3 diff sized blades.