Sunday, June 20, 2010

Week 22 - Too busy.....

Hey, I know I missed a week but I'm just unable to keep up at the moment - I doubt it was really missed anyway, everyone has such BUSY lives! 

I'm madly trying to get ready for a trip to Fraser Island in a week - we are staying in an awesome house owned by friends on Orchid Beach which is, unfortunately, no where near civilisation so am having to plan a weeks worth of meals and make sure I bring enough of everything to last us that whole time - Fruit and Veg included.  My son is nearly into his 3rd week of going gluten free so I also have to make that adjustment work too.  Which is why I am trying to precook a few meals before I go - so I have the security of knowing that there'll will be plenty of things for him to eat, and I won't have to spend my whole holidays COOKING!  So far the list looks like this:

* Mini Quiches - caramelised leek, sweet potato and fetta (for adults), ham & cheese (for kids)  DONE
* Spaghetti Mince - full of veges & will take normal & GF spaghetti  DONE
* Apple & Raspberry Crumble - topped with GF oats, GF plain flour, macadamia nuts, a little brown sugar and butter  DONE
 * Sandwich meat - roasted 2 chooks & then shredded the meat for use on sandwiches and in a Thai Curry with Brown Rice  DONE
* Choc chip, Oat Cookies - I will make a stack of these with GF flour, almond flour and GF oats & maple syrup and they will be a big treat to have on their own or as s'mores with toasted GF marshmallows & Lindt 70% Dark Choc - too divine!  STILL TO DO
* Carrot Cake - delish cake with grated carrot, tinned p'apple, walnuts, almond flour & coconut palm sugar.  DONE
* Sausage Rolls - organic sausage meat, grated apple, potato & onion in normal and GF puff pastry.  DONE
* Chicken nuggets - organic chicken breasts cut up and dipped in flour, egg & normal and GF bread crumbs.   DONE

Hmmmm......doesn't look very healthy does it????  But it at least it's not all rubbish prepackaged processed stuff - that's the main thing.  I am going to bring a lot of fruit and veg (esp for me & the kids) as well as some frozen soups and frozen berries and bananas so even at the end of the week I can make good smoothees.  I purchased a stick blender to take so that makes it even easier. So a busy weekend ahead with lots of cooking and the start of packing.  If I can finish all the cooking by Monday I will be able to spend the week packing and picking up groceries as I go.  Exhausting just thinking about it!

AND now for the GOOD NEWS!  Yes, it's official - 12kgs definately gone!  Wow, it has taken for ever, and it did take a bit of a boost to get it moving again.  Last Monday the family went on a great trek around the falls at Springbrook and that extra 5 kms straight after an impressive leg work out earlier that morning seemed to just max out my muscle burning and upped the stakes a bit.  I also noticed that my appetite really diminished that week.  I was able to easily make it thru till lunch without snacking, and was able to easily pace myself throughout the rest of the day with light meals and a smoothee mid arvo instead of those evil coffees.  I need to make the most of these times as I know there will prob be a "starvation" phase coming up where my body just wants to eat again.

I'm already on my way to 13kg, and have started fitting into a few sz 14s.  OH MY GOODNESS - I have not been in a size 14 since before having Amber 10 years ago.  I have weighed less than this but it just goes to show how much my body has changed with that all important gym work.  And, people are noticing!  I've had a few comments lately (all from guys, I must say) and it's just made my day.  My PT says that's the best feedback, when people notice who would never normally say anything about how you look - and it's TRUE.  I have to say, also, that my husband is also way more effusive about the way I look.  Not that he ever dissed my weight, but he was always so encouraging whenever I lamented my heaviness and unhealthiness.  It's so nice that he now comments often about how noticeable the changes are, and it just makes me want to keep going and keep trying. 

With the holidays coming up tho, I am slightly apprehensive of being away from my routine and my securities.  One week of no gym and no access to to shops whenever I need to pick up stuff I need.  I will have to be more restrained and not tempted to go overboard with meals or get lax in my discipline.  That's not to say I won't enjoy myself (you can see that from the menu) but I need to keep control and just eat when i'm hungry and then STOP! 

I've already decided that when I get back I am going to do a juice fast as a 3 day cleanser.  I just want to get my digestion cleared out and operating effeciently again.  I know it's not going to be easy but I'm actually a little excited about it.  I hope this will be beneficial physically and spiritually as well, as I am hoping to spend less time eating, and more time praying, and focussing on keeping an ear open to God.  Anyway, hopefully, you will read all about it after my "restful" holiday!


  1. Are you kidding? That menu sounds really healthful! Can I come on holidays with you? Wonderful to get positive comments from others, especially, dear Hubby!!!! Size 14 is FAAAABBBUUUULOUSSSSSSSS!! *Scream of joy and Toyota leap!*

  2. Oh shucks Vik! Thanks for the validation, I'm not sz 14 in everything but its nice to have a couple back in the wardrobe. It's becoming an expensive excercise tho as I keep having to shell out for new jeans as the ones I bought 6 weeks ago are now way too loose on me, and all my other stuff just falls down, no matter how many times I feed them thru the dryer! Thank goodness for tracky pants and Jag elastic waist cargo pants! And also bought my first lot of 14E bras - quite tight but can only get better!

  3. You go girl - that's amazing! So proud of you Kathie. You're an inspiration. You've come so far darling. xxxxxxoooooo