Monday, May 31, 2010

Week 19 - Tracking....

In alot of the weight loss blogs I read, the writers often comment on their weekly "tracking".  I think this is a practice that Weight Watchers encourage, where you write down every little thing you put in your mouth.  So, I thought I would try it this week and see what it reveals.  Guaranteed, there will be a little embarassment ahead.....

morning:  Juice with vit c powder, pro-biotic & mineral supplement; coffee on skim milk, a kiwi fruit.
lunch:  Salad (rocket, kale, spinach, grated carrot & zuchini, tom, cuke, red onion, avo, roasted p'kin, fetta) with dressing (olive oil & lemon juice).
arvo:  chicken burger patty (was cooking meals for freezer, and could not resist trying one of these - recipe below!), coffee on skim milk, piece of pear.
night:  Eggplant canneloni with salad, bowl of ricotta dessert (ricotta, maple syrup, cacoa powder, vanilla).

morning: Juice with extras, coffee, pce of toast, pce of apple, cuppa tea (at play gp)
lunch:  Eggplant canneloni, salad
arvo:  coffee on skim milk, 2 sliced banana drizzled with choc by spoonful.
night:  Chicken burgers on lettuce with salad, Turkist toast drizzled with maple syrup, cuppa tea.

morning:  Juice, coffee on skim, sliced p'apple.
lunch:  rice crackers & hommous dip, 2 vegan pizza bases with avo, rocket, beetroot, l/over chicken & grated cheese.
arvo:  Decaf coffee on skim, banana & yoghurt with no-grain granola & choc by spoonful.
night:  5 pieces of thin crust pizza (State of Origin at friends')

morning:  Juice, coffee on skim, 1 peanut butter cupcake (no grain, no refined sugar - freshly baked, mmmm).
lunch:  peppermint tea, 1/2 ham & salad wrap (at the shops)
arvo:  3 cupcakes, coffee on skim milk
night:  Pumpkin & vege soup, morroccan tea.

morning:  Coffee, pce of apple, handful of org dk choc covered dried blueberries.
lunch:  6 buckwheat cruskits w/avo, toms, coriander, cheese,  6 pces of raw organic choc.
arvo:  rice crackers & hommous, cherry bomb fruit smoothee.
night:  1 pce homemade pizza, some vege soup.

morning:  Juice, Coffee with skim, 1 fried egg and 2 sausages (GASP!)
lunch:  rest of soup with some salad on top.
arvo:  2 choc brownies (fresh baked), coffee, piece of pear.
night:  TURKISH FEAST (at restaurant) - lovely fresh dips, grilled veges, turkish bread, salad, grilled lamb chops & chicken shish kebabs, kofta - delicious!

morning:  Organic coffee & 1/2 pain au chocolat.
lunch:  pce of sour dough bread w/butter, baked beans with salad on top.
arvo:  raw vegan choc crackle, coffee
dinner:  2 spring rolls, 2 curry puffs, thai penang curry with a little coconut rice.

PHEW!  And that's that. OK - a few observations from me:  1) I'm really struggling again with keeping to 1 coffee a day, I really need to focus on the smoothees in the arvo to keep me away from the coffee, but it is sooooo tempting because its such a pleasure.  2) I need to have cut up veges in fridge to have with dips, so as to avoid getting into crackers.  3) I am finding that having fresh baked bread or cupcakes a real temptation to have around, however, so long as I am doing them as nutritious as possible, I can't give that up for the sake of the kids' enjoyment.  4) I am LOVING having leftovers from dinner the night before for lunch with salad, sooo easy.

RECIPE:  Chicken Burgers

1/2 cup chopped macadamia nuts
3/4 cup chopped cashews
500 g minced chook
2 cloves garlic minced
2 shallots
small handful chopped coriander
grated lemon rind from 2 lemons
3 egg whites
S & P
Combine althogether with hands (I found the mixture very moist) and shape patties onto plate to refrigerate till dinner, or straight into oiled fry pan.  Fry on each side till cooked thru.  Absolutely delicious and the kids loved them!

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